Mad About Music – Child Protection Statement.

We take your children’s welfare and safety very seriously at our school. This is our commitment to you, and your children.

We at Mad About Music are committed to a practice which protects children from harm. Management, staff and volunteers in this organisation recognise that the welfare of children is paramount, and our service will endeavour to safeguard children by:

  • Having a reporting procedure to respond to concerns around children’s’ welfare and safety
  • Having a confidentially statement
  • Having a code of behaviour for staff , volunteers and students
  • Having a safe recruitment procedure
  • Having a procedure to respond to accidents
  • Having a procedure to respond to complaints
  • Developing a Staff allegations procedure and disciplinary procedure

Our designated liaison person is Tamasine Plowman.

We will:

  • Provide induction training around the schools child protection policy
  • Provide supervision and support for staff and volunteers in contact with children
  • Provide induction training around the group’s child protection policy
  • Share information about our child protection policy and good practices with parents and children
  • Review our protection policy and practices on a regular basis

We at Mad About Music,  believe that our staff and volunteers should have a child centered approach, and a clear understanding of what is acceptable with respect to their behaviour with children, in order to protect children from harm, and staff and volunteers from misinterpretations of their actions. We aim to do this by:

  •  Valuing and respecting all children as individuals
  • Listening to children
  • Involving children in decision making as appropriate
  • Encouraging children

We do not:

  • Engage in or allow inappropriate touching in any form
  • Verbally abuse or physically punish any child
  • Condone bullying or abusive behaviour by staff, volunteers or other children
  • Engage in practices which demean children

We are aware:

  • Of developing favouritism
  • Of becoming overly involved with any one child.
  • Of Developing realistic goals and aims

Security in our school:

  • Every teaching room is fitted with a recorded CCTV Camera
  • All students get their own security access card for the building.
  • Our doors are to remained locked at all times with access via security card.